About Us

WorshipAccompaniment.com is an online resource for downloadable backing tracks (sing-along) specially designed for use in worship and meditation. We carry everything from classical masses, requiems, and traditional hymns, to popular worship songs and extended instrumental tracks for prayer and meditative sessions.

Most tracks are also provided with a guide vocal track for reference and rehearsing, as well as a lead sheet for using in live performance. Simply pick out a track, and you can download and start singing to it right away.  You can use our background music tracks for just about any purpose — in Church, during services, for youth group gatherings, concerts, at home, at holiday and karaoke parties, and more.  We even offer a royalty free synchronization license if you wish to incorporate one of our tracks into a multimedia project such as projections, videos, or dvds.  

We hope you enjoy singing along with our backing tracks, and hope that our arrangements and recordings add a new level to your worship experience.

Visit our main site at: http://www.spiritrax.com

About Worship Music
For as long as people have been able to play music, people have been using that music to worship to.  There are many different forms of worship music: prayer songs,church hymns, gospel music, religious music, Christian gospel music, Jewish worship music, as well as many other lesser-known varieties of worship music.  

Worship music has always been used in people’s religious practices, however, the popularity of church and gospel music has grown exponentially over the past 100 years.  The reason for the growth in popularity of worship music is directly related to singing and listening to worship music being accepted more as a viable worshipping option.  Another reason for the popularity rise of gospel music is related to the growth in the Catholic/Christian churchgoers.  Catholic and Christian churches are using more and more worship music and hymns to please their God’s as well as the worshippers themselves. 

No matter what types of worship music is used, whether it be southern gospel music or simple choral music, the importance of church music remains the same.  Many  places of worship have even taken the liberty of hiring a person to create unique and original musical compositions for their place of worship.  In most Christian churches, they have a person called a worship leader who is a musician.  That worship leader leads the others in the congregation in song and hymn.

The greatest fact about worship and gospel music, is that there will always be a need and a use for these songs and hymns.  People will always have religions that they choose to worship, and there will always be a use for music that is related to each individual religion.  Wherever there are people praying and worshipping, there will be worship and prayer music.