Lent/Ash Wednesday Collection – Album Download

Twelve of our most popular Lent and Ash Wednesday hymns in their most commonly sung keys. This collection includes a mix of contemporary and classical styles, but always in a gentle, contemplative mood that fits the Lenten season. Each accompaniment background track comes with sheet music. Price: $19.95 (includes accompaniment backing track and lead sheet) […]

Where Charity and Love Prevail

An acoustic arrangement of this beautiful hymn about coming together in love, in a classical Appalachian style featuring string quartet, acoustic guitar, light percussion, and piano. Appropriate in any season, but perfect for Holy Week and Easter. Begins with a string quartet introduction; singing starts when the guitar enters. Price: $4.59 (includes accompaniment backing track […]

Ring Around the Rosy

Sometimes used with children on Ash Wednesday because of the “ashes” in the lyrics, this is a light orchestral version of the traditional game. Brief introduction and interlude gives the kids time to get into position, and several repeats make it just long enough for a little performance. Price: $4.29 (includes accompaniment backing track and […]