Silent Night (Campfire Christmas)

A new mellow arrangement of the favorite Christmas hymn Silent Night for 3 acoustic guitars and cello with light hand percussion. Part of our Campfire Christmas collection. 3 verses. Use instrumentally or as a vocal accompaniment. Price: $4.49 (includes accompaniment backing track and lead sheet)preview

Joy To The World (Campfire Christmas)

Acoustic arrangement of the classic Christmas hymn Joy To The World for 3 guitars and light hand percussion. 3 verses, with a key change up a whole step on the final verse. Great energy, yet relaxed and mellow. Perfect for Christmas by the fire, part of our new Campfire Christmas collection. Price: $4.49 (includes accompaniment […]

Breathe (Marie Barnett)

A beautiful piano and strings with rhythm arrangement of the popular praise and worship song Breathe by Marie Barnett. This song has been performed and recorded by countless Christian artists including Rebecca St. James and Michael W. Smith, among others. Price: $4.95 (includes accompaniment backing track) preview | add to cart

Oh Holy Night (Contemporary Version)

A contemporary pop arrangement of the classic Christmas song Oh Holy Night. 6/8 pop-rock groove similar to the Mercy Me recording, with guitars, bass, drums. Perfect for contemporary Christmas programs. Price: $4.49 (includes accompaniment backing track & lead sheet) preview | add to cart