Silent Night (Campfire Christmas)

A new mellow arrangement of the favorite Christmas hymn Silent Night for 3 acoustic guitars and cello with light hand percussion. Part of our Campfire Christmas collection. 3 verses. Use instrumentally or as a vocal accompaniment. Price: $4.49 (includes accompaniment backing track and lead sheet)preview

Joy To The World (Campfire Christmas)

Acoustic arrangement of the classic Christmas hymn Joy To The World for 3 guitars and light hand percussion. 3 verses, with a key change up a whole step on the final verse. Great energy, yet relaxed and mellow. Perfect for Christmas by the fire, part of our new Campfire Christmas collection. Price: $4.49 (includes accompaniment […]

How Great Is Our God (Chris Tomlin)

Contemporary worship band arrangement of the popular praise and worship song How Great Is Our God, originally written and performed by Chris Tomlin. Builds through to the final chorus, and ends with a section for almost a capella singing or meditation. This version is lowered to G Major to assist with congregational singing. Price: $4.95 […]

Alleluia Sing To Jesus (Hyferdol)

A contemporary praise band version of the traditional ascension hymn, Alleluia Sing To Jesus. Guitars, drums, keyboards make up this arrangement that is high in energy. This Hyferdol track is also used for tracks 1017 Love Divine, All Loves Excelling, and 1016 Lord of Glory, You Have Bought Us.. Price: $4.49 (includes accompaniment backing track […]